Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith

"Every photo you take is magical" - John Robb.
“A very talented photographer!” - Aziz Ibrahim.
"Inspired, professional and full of idea" - Heath Common.
"I love your photos" - Brix Smith-Start

It's fantastic when people appreciate your work, here are a few quotes/ testimonials from those who I have had the pleasure to work for/with, or who have dropped by to appreciate what I do.

I love your photos" - Brix Smith-Start

Your talent is never ending” Jordan Mooney (Punk Icon)

"Mel has worked on two photoshoots for us (Brix & The Extricated and Sheepy)

and produced striking original images. She has been a pleasure to work with!" - Joe Murphy - Blang Records

I’m so happy with our photos, they are absolutely gorgeous. I’m really grateful, how extremely professional and amazingly patient you were with Toby.” - Claire Preston

"Mel was inspired, professional and full of ideas. What she delivered was beyond anything I ever dared hope for. Absolutely brilliant!" - Heath Common

"I really love your photos of Carina Round. They're beautiful, my favourites that I've seen from her tour. I worked on her projections.” - Alisa Akay

"Mel is amazing at capturing spirit, combining atmosphere, passion, and person into a single shot" - Florentine Sidery (designer)

"You took some amazing photos of my costume at the Vogue Ball last year. They are such FAB photos!!" - Liz Sheard (costume designer)

"What a very talented lady you are - always love seeing your work" - Ed Fielding (professional music photographer)

"Great stuff Melanie, as were your Roses shots. Well done." Brian Cannon (Professional photographer)

"Your live shots are some of the best we've ever had" - Avec Sans

Mel’s photography is truly in a league of its own. She has the ability to capture those rock n roll moments in such a beautiful and iconic way. I’m so proud to have her art hanging on my wall.“ - Mike Green, Kings Place, London

There’s a reason Mel is so in demand, whether it’s for a fashion shoot, a book festival or a rock gig - her instincts for what makes a great shot, attention to detail, eye for a great setting, patience and sensitivity are second to none. She’s great to hang out with too. Mel, you rock.” - Zoe Howe (Rock & roll Author)

"You rock, your pix are brill, over and out" Ray Burmiston (professional photographer)

Mel is without a doubt the best photographer I have ever worked with. I regard her as a talented and extremely professional visual artist with an exceptional eye for cinematography. I would recommend her without reservation for any assignment.” Keith Levene

"Everyone thinks they are a "photographer", but obviously not, there is a huge chasm

between a photographer and someone who takes snaps! The difference being

is you need the eye, which you have proved time and time again." Howard Toshman - Manager of The Courtesans.

We were amazed by the shots. They really were incredible photographs and we are looking forward to working with her again.” Nancy Doll (The Sex Pissed Dolls)

"Patti told me to tell you she liked them very much…" (Andrew Burns by e-mail Tour Manager / Patti Smith)

"Mel is more than a photographer; through the lens she captures the essence of her subjects, their hopes, dreams and substance. Each picture is a statement, the

image instantly memorable, the moment captured forever. " Nina Antonia (published writer & author)

"Melanie's live photography is excellent!' - Toyah Willcox

"Mel brought out the best in me, no plastic surgery, how good she must be, at pho-tog-graphy" - Viv Albertine

"Mel has a real passion for music, she knows how to really get the best out of a photoshoot! A great person to work with and incredibly helpful post shoot too - highly recommended!" - Jimmy (Stolen Haven)

"Mel never fails to bring out the attitude, style and class with the artist she photographs." - Sam Woods (The Hyperjax)

Mel is both professional and capable, but more than that she’s alive in the music and sees things that other photographers would miss.” Becky Sowray (Manager of the band Stipe)

"Mudkiss photography did an amazing job capturing the true essence of the House of Suarez Sugar Ball 2015. She really brought out the colour and drama of the ball, especially the facial expressions and the fire and passion from everyone taking part. She has a great eye for detail and a pleasure to have involved in the event!" Darren Suarez - House of Suarez

"Every photo you take is magical" - John Robb

"Mel is an easy going, creative photographer with a perfect eye for a classic shot. I'm so happy with the images she created for me and will definitely be using them for publicity!" - Carol Hodge

A very talented photographer!” – Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses, Paul Weller, Simply Red)

Ur pics are incredible, very talented” - Trash Mcsweeney (Red Paintings)

This is a professional women who knows exactly what she is doing.". Kieran Wilson

"Melanie is surely the North of England's answer to Bob Gruen. Awesome photos and a super quick service I would recommend her to anyone wanting a unique and very personal rock photography service" - Kyle King (owner of Vinyl King Records, Leeds)

"Melanie is a great event photographer, she captured the atmosphere of our show perfectly" - Betty D'Light, Production Manager, The Burlesque Ball UK

It's a privilege to work with someone who understands the genre so completely. Whether 'in conversation', debate, performance or Festival opportunities for socialising and networking, her photography truly peaks Louder Than Words... An absolute pleasure to work with, I can’t recommend her highly enough”...Dr Jill Adam (Level Partnership)

"Melanie Smith’s work is up there with the very best of them; deftly nailing the two crucial things a live show shoot should do in spades, seizing a pivotal, defining moment, and making you infuriated that you weren’t there in person" Jay Taylor (The Ruby Lounge, Manchester)

"You've so quickly become my favourite live photographer" - Helen Donlon, (writer and publisher - Omnibus Publishing )

"If you're looking for those superstar portraits look no further - Melanie Smith is the coolest photographer in the UK" - Keith Levene [PIL/The Clash]

"Amazing, very suggestive, gorgeous photography, you have it Melanie Smith! " - Thanks, and all the best - Joe Stevens (legendary photographer)

"Mel is held in high regard as one of the best photographers on the North West music scene." - Andy Von Pip [Von Pip Musical Express]

"Anyone can take a photo but only a handful can capture a moment....thank you for doing just that... " - Martin Finnegan [The Rainband]

"Armed with a camera and steeped in music lore Mel has been turning rock n roll into art and musicians into paintings."- John Robb

"I got the calender today, your photos are so beautiful, each and everyone are absolute artwork, thank you again for including me!!!!" Colleen Caffeine [Choking Susan]

"I recommend Mudkiss Photography if they wish to achieve some beautiful images" - Bink (Pearls & Swine)

"The whole experience was fantastic and I received some of the best photographs I have ever had done." - Haili Hughes [Coco Fierce]

"These are amazing! I love them, thank you so much. I'm so happy with them." - Louise Distras

"You are one of the best photographers I have met in ages, impressive!." - Jordan Reyne

"They're all awesome thanks so much - Ash Corner ( The Adjusters)

"Mel has such a talent for capturing a magnificent setting and making it her own. I was blown away by the result!" - Heidi Jo Hines: (Earth Prayer)

"Mel is a complete darling, very friendly, welcoming, as well as fun to work with." - Lily Stark

"Mel didn't just take photographs, she moulded an image for the band." - Chris Fox (Kindest Of Thieves)

"Mel was fantastic, brimming with ideas, creating some stunning photos.” Shell Zenner

"I saw your beautiful photos from the Paloma Faith gig. I make Paloma's stage sets and costumes and would really appreciate it if you would let me use them”. Petra Storrs [dress designer]